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Stream of consciousness, part one: the Internet

Posted: Monday, November 12, 2007

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

What follows is a completely unfiltered and unedited post on the subject of the nature of the Internet. This is the first part of an experiment I’m trying on what is popularly called “stream of consciousness” or “free writing.” Perhaps you will find something interesting and comment-worthy; perhaps not. Such is the nature of an experiment. A commentary on programming and the web. Java, JavaScript, AJAX, C++, .NET, ASP, all these things are just different languages that achieve roughly the same end.

Live free. Live open source.

Posted: Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

In today’s digital, global community, many of the old rules no longer apply. One of these is the way in which we get access to and use common everyday information and media. The old way was to do things like buy a CD at a music store, check out a book on writing resumes at the public library, or pay someone $60 an hour to teach you how to play guitar.

Partisanship is vile. What loss to this country...

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2007

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Seriously. I see Republicans railing on Democrats and Democrats railing on Republicans. The fighting and partisanship is completely at odds with what our forefathers intended. Benjamin Franklin must be turning in his grave at the extreme partisanship that many Americans today profess. I do not belong to a political party. Neither should you. This is not because I am Right and you are Wrong; rather, it is a simple matter of reason.

True open source - death of the individual or celebration of individualism?

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Many, many people speak glowingly of the benefits of open source software. A growing movement also seeks to make a great many other things “open source” - from the file-sharing freedom fighters at FreeCulture.Org to the unusual licensing of the newest editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Libertarianism and the concept of freely available content appears to be on the rise. However, is this necessarily a good thing? What of individualism and ego, concepts central to Western culture?