Open Source Projects

I’m particularly interested in procedural generation of fictional worlds. I’m starting to do more of this under the banner of Iron Arachne. Here are a few of my projects in that vein:

Tabletop Games

Over the years I’ve released a variety of books, articles, and other documents into the wild. Some of these were published in the true print sense, and some were only released online.

These are listed in reverse chronological order. Where possible, I included a link to the most recent publicly available version.

Writer Credit

  • Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry (Silver Gryphon Games, 2013)

  • A Darkness at Summerfort (Silver Gryphon Games, 2013)

  • Ingenium™ (Silver Gryphon Games, 2010)

Artist Credit

  • A Stitched In Time (Silver Gryphon Games, 2014)

  • A Thule and His Money (Silver Gryphon Games, 2014)

  • Brain Slugs from Planet X! (Silver Gryphon Games, 2014)

  • Camp Wicakini 4 (Silver Gryphon Games, 2013)

  • Milecastle 42 (Silver Gryphon Games, 2013)

  • Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives! (Silver Gryphon Games, 2012)

  • Red Blizzard (Silver Gryphon Games, 2012)

  • Diabolical Traps – The Maintenance Mummy (Silver Gryphon Games, 2012)

  • Diabolical Traps – Non-Traps (Silver Gryphon Games, 2011)

  • Camp Wicakini Part II (Silver Gryphon Games, 2011)

  • The Pine Ridge Horror (Silver Gryphon Games, 2010)

  • Diabolical Traps – Rooms (Silver Gryphon Games, 2010)

  • Camp Wicakini (Silver Gryphon Games, 2009)

  • Diabolical Traps – Skeletons (Silver Gryphon Games, 2007)

  • Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition (White Wolf, 2007)

  • Post Apocalyptic Hero (Hero Games, 2007)

Other Writings

  • Creating Convincing Villains (The Amethyst Alliance/The RPG Consortium, 2004)