Ben Overmyer

DevOps Engineer and Fantasy Gaming Author


Regarding this Page

About pages by definition are very self-centered. Their whole purpose is to let the author talk about him/herself. Given that, I am not going to pull any punches or be diplomatic in my declarations. No apologies. I’m not trying to sell myself here; I’m trying to give you an idea of who I am.

Professional Background

I’m a software engineer who loves the web. Not just web technology, mind you; the very idea of the web. Over the last twenty years, it has changed the world. It’s my job and my passion to make it better.

I have travelled the world, lived abroad, and usually only ever lived in one place for a couple years. That changed when I moved to Minneapolis. Of all the places I’ve lived on this globe, Minneapolis has been my favorite. It helps that Minneapolis is turning into a tech hub with a wealth of interesting people doing interesting things with the web.

My particular focus in the professional world is DevOps. I love the idea of melding together operations and development into a kind of super-discipline. Even better is how the philosophy of DevOps helps people help each other.

I started my professional career as a developer, not a system administrator. Now I’m an operations manager, and I love being able to help people make awesome things together.

Labels and Specifics

Politics: For the Americans out there, you can consider me so deeply progressive that Democrats are comparatively conservative. But really, politics goes well beyond labels for the discerning fan of democracy and the human condition.

Religion: I identify greatly with this quote attributed to late Czech statesman Václav Havel:

Seek the company of those who search for truth; run from those who have found it.

Causes I Care About: Gender equality, freedom of expression and identity, basic human rights

Hobbies: Video games (esp. Overwatch), tabletop games (esp. Warhammer 40k)

Theme Song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP.

Languages Spoken: English (Fluent/Native), Japanese (Badly), German (Badly), Spanish (Badly)

Social Networks Frequented: Twitter, Facebook