This is a list of all the things that I use to be productive day-to-day. It's inspired by this page.


2019 MacBook Pro 16"

I replaced my old Windows/Linux custom-built PC with this on July 22nd, 2020. Since then, it's been amazing. Though I had to give up some gaming capability, the tradeoff is that everything else is worlds better. Having 32 GB of RAM certainly helps matters.

Steelseries Apex Pro Keyboard

Website: Steelseries Apex Pro

This keyboard has a beautiful aesthetic, sturdy construction, and a typefeel that I just adore. It's great for gaming and typing.

Dell S3220DGF 32" 2K monitor

Website: Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor - S3220DGF

I replaced my old ultrawidescreen monitor with this. It has a more common aspect ratio, a more stable stand, and much better refresh rate. Besides that, it also "announces" itself properly, meaning that macOS actually recognizes its capabilities.

DXRacer King Zero gaming chair

Website: DXRacer King Zero

After many years of living with a barely-intact office chair I bought for $5 at Goodwill, I bought a DXRacer King Zero gaming chair. It was a night and day experience. So comfortable! Mine is sunburst yellow and black.

Lifestyle Software


Website: Firefox

This is my web browser of choice. I avoid Chromium-based browsers whenever possible. Sometimes I'll use Safari, though.

Design Software

Affinity Photo

Website: Affinity Photo

My replacement for Photoshop. It's pretty good, and while my Photoshop muscle memory doesn't translate perfectly, its buy-once model combined with its feature set makes it the better alternative.

Affinity Designer

Website: Affinity Designer

Same story as Photo, but this one replaces Adobe Illustrator. The one difference is that I reach for Inkscape when I need to trace raster graphics.

Affinity Publisher

Website: Affinity Publisher

Same story as Photo, but this one replaces Adobe InDesign. It's still new enough to have some issues and there are features missing, but it works well enough for laying out books and such.

Development Software


Website: Nova

Though I used Visual Studio Code, GoLand, and PHPStorm for a long time, this has come to replace all of them.

Hosting and Infrastructure Services


Website: Namecheap

I've heard that other domain registrars are better (e.g., Hover), but I host almost all of my domains at Namecheap because it works well enough.

Digital Ocean

Website: Digital Ocean

When I need more than a static site host, I use Digital Ocean.


Website: Netlify

Netlify hosts this website, and a handful of other static sites. It's free and works really well.