This is a list of all the things that I use to be productive day-to-day. It's inspired by this page.


Alienware Aurora R11

I bought a dedicated gaming PC after I missed gaming too much on my Mac. For a long time I used Windows, but when I "upgraded" to Windows 11, I ran into too many issues and replaced it with Pop_OS! as my sole operating system. I'm loving gaming on Linux now that I've figured out how to properly use Proton.

2019 MacBook Pro 16"

I replaced my old Windows/Linux custom-built PC with this on July 22nd, 2020. For a time I used it both for development and for gaming, but I missed my favorites too much. Now it's used exclusively for development and for travel.

Logitech MX Keys

Website: Logitech MX Keys

I use this keyboard for my Macbooks. It's great for quickly switching between them.

Steelseries Apex Pro Keyboard

Website: Steelseries Apex Pro

This keyboard has a beautiful aesthetic, sturdy construction, and a typefeel that I just adore. It's great for gaming and typing.

Dell S3220DGF 32" 2K monitor

Website: Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor - S3220DGF

I replaced my old ultrawidescreen monitor with this. It has a more common aspect ratio, a more stable stand, and much better refresh rate. Besides that, it also "announces" itself properly, meaning that macOS actually recognizes its capabilities. I have two of them - one for my Mac, and one for my gaming PC.

Beautyrest Platinum Sofil Bonded Leather Executive Chair

Website: Beautyrest Platinum Sofil Bonded Leather Executive Chair, Black (49404B)

I replaced my DXRacer King Zero in March of 2022 with this chair. It's cheaper and more comfortable than the DXRacer was. The cats have already made a number of holes in the faux-leather, though.

Lifestyle Software


I've changed browsers frequently over the years. Now I seem to have settled on Firefox.

Design Software

Adobe Suite

I caved and switched back to the Adobe Creative Suite instead of the Affinity suite. While the $60 per month price tag is steep, I needed too many of the features only Adobe's suite has.

Development Software

Sublime Text

Website: Sublime Text

In November 2022 I finally bought a license for Sublime Text. I've been using it as my daily driver for months now.

Hosting and Infrastructure Services


Website: Namecheap

I've heard that other domain registrars are better (e.g., Hover), but I host almost all of my domains at Namecheap because it works well enough.


Website: Hetzner

When I need more than a static site host, I use Hetzner. It's cheap and stable.


Website: Netlify

Netlify hosts most of my static sites. It's free and works really well.


Website: Cloudflare

I use Cloudflare for my DNS management. I don't use it as a CDN anymore, though it works well for that purpose.