WoW Guild Retrieve

WoW Guild Retrieve

This plugin for Wordpress will show a roster of your World of Warcraft guild’s members on any page or post.

The current version is 1.2.0. You can get it here: The Wordpress plugin page for WoW Guild Retrieve


I was building a website for a World of Warcraft guild on the Wordpress platform. I needed to display a roster of all the guild’s members. Rather than have the guild leader manually enter new members in a unique database, I decided to create a plugin to handle the display of a roster automatically using WoW Armory data.

WoW Guild Retrieve asks for a realm name and guild name. Because it’s a shortcode, you can have multiple guild lists even on the same page!


  1. Upload the contents of the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/wow-guild-retrieve directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Enter the shortcode for your guild on the page you want the roster to display

Shortcode Guide

To use the plugin in any page or post, just include the following text in that page:

[wgr guildname="" realmname=""]

Between the quotes, add the appropriate names, like so:

[wgr guildname="My Guild Name" realmname="My Realm Name"]

It defaults to US servers. For EU servers, just add this:

[wgr guildname="My Guild Name" realmname="My Realm Name" region="eu"]

Additional Options


If you’d like to change the sorting, just use the following options:

sorttype: this changes the default column which the plugin sorts by. May be a number between 0 and 4. sortorder: this changes the order in which the plugin sorts. May be either “asc” or “desc”.

Restrict to Only Level 90 Players

restrict: if set to true, this will restrict the guild list to only level 90 players.

Change the Default Number of Rows

tablesize: if set, this changes the default number of rows displayed.

An example of a shortcode that uses all of the options is here:

[wgr guildname="My Guild" realmname="My Realm" region="eu" sorttype="1" sortorder="desc" restrict="true" tablesize="25"]

Changing Rank Names

Also, you can change the names of the ranks displayed. This is done in the Settings/WoW Guild Retrieve page, which also will explain the process.

At this time, custom names are universal, so if you have multiple guild rosters on one website they will all have the same rank names.



  • Increased “restrict” from level 85 to 90
  • Updated links to go to the new plugin website
  • Added behind-the-scenes anonymous usage logging as a precursor to a new feature
  • Updated documentation to be clearer


  • Added the Pandaren race
  • Added the Monk class


  • Changed the data source to pull from the new Armory
  • Added Achievement Points and guild level display


  • Changed the plugin to point at the new Armory


  • Added support for Cataclysm level limit and races


  • Added options-based custom rank names


  • Added custom rank names
  • Added ability to change the default number of rows displayed


  • Fixed a bug that displayed “Guild Leader” as “Rank 0”
  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect or broken images


  • Rebuilt the plugin to use shortcodes
  • Now supports multiple guild lists
  • Upgraded dataTables jQuery plugin to v1.6 from v1.4 beta 7


  • Fixed bug in options that was preventing data display


  • Added option to choose default sorting
  • Added ability to restrict the roster to only level 80 players


  • Added option to choose a light or dark styling
  • Fixed a couple CSS bugs


  • Fixed a bug with the WoW Armory lookup


  • Added images and new styling.
  • Added new div-based structure to aid in CSS styling.
  • Fixed a bug with the CSS and javascript.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you support caching?

In version 2.0. It’s coming, I promise.

Can I sort these columns?

Yes! Just click on the column headers.

Can I style the table with my own CSS?

Of course. The id for the containing div is guild-data-div.